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One of my favorite classes that I teach is circuit training. It’s a workout that can be done in less than 30 minutes or long as an hour. You have countless options of exercises that can be done in circuit training. Some of the benefits of circuit training are that it can help with your cardiovascular health, muscular endurance and strength training. I personally like to combine upper -body, core & trunk and lower – body exercises in each of my circuits while I’m teaching a class.

The following are examples of exercises that can be done during a circuit training workout:

Lower Body – Squats, Forward and Back Lunges, Step ups

Upper Body – Push-ups, Pull ups, Dips

Core & Trunk – Crunches, Leg raises, Plank

Total Body – Burpees, Mountain Climbers, Jump Rope

You can perform a series of exercises by using a set number of repetitions or for a set time before moving on to the next exercise.  Each circuit completed should be followed by a short rest period.



Benefits of Spin Cycling

Everyone is always looking for the next best way to exercise. Running on a treadmill every day can become monotonous after a while and it’s certainly no fun. An exciting way to burn some calories and have fun at the same time is to try spin cycling.

To lose weight, it is recommended that you burn at least 500 calories more than you consume every day. That is equal to 45 minutes of continuous cycling at a level of moderate effort. Not only can cycling help you lose weight but it carries a myriad of health benefits. Keep these in mind the next time you’re thinking about switching up your workout:

  • Low impact

Spinning requires much less physical strain than other types of workouts. It is a good choice for those with more sensitive body needs.

  • You don’t need to be a pro to do it

Spinning is for every age and every fitness level. You don’t need to be a pro cyclist to keep up in class. As long as you’re willing to put in the effort, you can still reap all the benefits

  • Improves stamina

The longer you cycle, the more you’ll see an increase in your stamina and aerobic health. Panting at the top of a flight of stairs just may be a thing of the past.

  • Long lean legs

Contrary to popular belief, you won’t get massive thighs from cycling. However, you will be able to shape and sculpt leg muscles while adding some killer definition.

  • Fun and energetic workout

Most importantly, coming to spin class is more than just getting in a workout- it’s leaving with an experience. With upbeat music and an energetic instructor, you’re going to leave with more energy than you came with.



How to stay motivated to stick with your workout routine
Getting started is always the hardest part of working out. There’s always something else you’d rather do besides hit the gym after a long day of work. Here are a few tips to help you kick the couch potato habit and stay active even when you don’t feel like it:
1. Set your goals
Setting goals is key to not giving up on your fitness routine. Whether is about gaining muscle or gaining self-discipline, writing down what you hope to accomplish will push you to actually do them. The fear of letting yourself down is a great tool to use to keep exercising on those trying days.

2. Phone a friend
A good friend will support your gym efforts, but a great friend will hit the gym with you. Exercising and eating well with a friend can in turn change your own habits. You’re more likely to mirror the habits of people you’re around the most, and keeping good company in tow can lead to a more productive workout.

3. Download a new album
A motivating and uplifting playlist can help boost your workout performance. Music that makes you feel empowered and successful can help to make you successful in sticking to your goals. Good tunes will also help to boost your energy in the middle of a really tough workout so you can push yourself to go the extra mile.

4. Don’t burn yourself out
Just like listening to the same song on repeat will drive you crazy, the same goes for your exercising routine. Switch up your workout every once and a while. Don’t stick with the treadmill or elliptical every single time, try out a new machine. This may even mean giving yourself a break sometimes. If you think you’re over doing it, try skipping a day here and there. It’ll give you time to recharge so you don’t wear out your body before your next gym session.


Importance of core work

The Importance of Building a Strong Core

A much neglected part of the body is the core. We use it every day from walking, to bending down, to our balance. Without it you wouldn’t be able to do the most basic of tasks- so why aren’t you working on strengthening your core? Below are the benefits of good core strength:

  1. Less Back Aches

Sitting for long period of time can lead to straining of the spine which causes back aches. A stronger core means a stronger upper body that can resist the pain associated with sitting for long periods of time.


  1. Good Posture

A strong core leads to better posture. Your core will better be able to support your upper body which will alleviate pressure on the pelvis and relieves lower back strain.

  1. Better Balance

A strong core allows you to hit those super challenging yoga poses. Balance is especially important for athletes who need to be quick and accurate on their feet.


  1. Helps build lean muscle

Lean muscle is what will give you a sleek, toned body. Lean muscle is also assists in burning calories even when you’re not exercising.

Remember to include core strengthening exercises into your workouts on a daily basis. Your body will thank you for it.


Tip Of The Week

5 Ways to Stay Active at Work

You may not think of the workplace as somewhere to help keep you fit, but there are several tricks and tips you can use to get in some much needed physical activity at your 9 to 5. Of course these tips alone aren’t going to make you swimsuit ready for the summer, but they will help you to add some extra movement into your day and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

1. Take time to stretch your legs during the day

Set a reminder on your phone or computer to get up and walk around for at least 10 minutes. Not only is it going to be beneficial to keep your blood circulating and avoid dangerous blood clots caused by being immobile for long period of time, but it can help to avoid putting extra stress on your body. Sitting for long periods of time can lead to slouching, back aches, and neck and shoulder stiffness. Multitask by using this time to take a trip to the water cooler to keep yourself hydrated too!

2. Spread out your work area

It may be convenient to have everything you need all in one place so you don’t have to get up from your chair, but it doesn’t allow for much movement throughout the day. Have a few different stations set up around your office to allow yourself a quick stretch here and there to break up the monotony of sitting down all day. Getting in a good stretch at work can help improve joint movement and flexibility and allows for more blood movement through your muscles.

3. Visit your coworkers

Instead of sending an email, go down the hall and talk to your coworkers in person. It’ll add a few extra steps towards your 10,000 a day.

4. Take your lunch outside

Don’t sit and eat at your desk! Especially on nice days, take your lunch to a nice area outside to get some fresh air and change up your environment. Use this time to get a little exercise and take a walk if you can- it will count toward the recommended 30 minutes of daily physical activity. Staying at your desk in front of a computer screen can only worsen conditions like aching backs, headaches, and eye strain.

5. Use the stairs

It’s a tip that you’ve probably always heard (and have never actually done), but it really will help improve your overall health. Studies show that climbing at least 2 flights of stairs per day can lead to a 6lb weight loss over the course of a whole year. In addition, taking the stairs every day will help improve joint and cardiovascular health, improve good cholesterol in the blood, and help you to maintain a healthy body weight. It may not be the most convenient mode of transportation to your office but it will be well worth it in the long run.