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Client Testimonials

I have lived in many countries and have never met such an amazing trainer as Aubrey Brown. Aubrey is first and for most a good person who really cares about you and your development. He will spend extra hours with you to prepare the best tailor-made training plan for you, so that you would reach your goals.

Aubrey’s trainings combine fun, humor and commitment with hard work, and the trainings go by in a heartbeat. For him, you are much more than a client – and you feel it!

Unfortunately, my job took me away from NY to Austria, but we still keep in touch with each other and Aubrey helps me adjust and change my training plans constantly to make sure I can enjoy the Austrian beer and bagels and still reach my goals..

With Aubrey, the trainings are very tough, but rewarding and fun – and you see the results!


Ariel Porat


Aubrey Brown has trained me since September, 2005 and in that time has taken me from a 253lb exercise-phobe to someone who is almost 20lbs lighter, and genuinely enjoys activity in the gym, and beyond.

Every day with Aubrey is different, things are never dull, and his sense of humor makes the process of losing weight and getting fit a lot easier.

He knows when to push, and when to step back, and constantly researches new ways to keep my interest from flagging. Knowing I had an interest in Pilates, he made it his business to find out more and incorporate this into our workouts.

I cannot recommend him highly enough. I still have some way to go but, already, Aubrey has changed my life.

Jane Grant


Sandy and I want to thank you for the fantastic job you did as my personal trainer. We had a great wedding and I was in drastically better shape for it because of your help. In one month, you worked wonders in getting me trimmed down for my wedding and also instilling a healthier lifestyle which I’ve continued since.
Prior to working with you, I had had other personal trainers; however, no one came close to matching your effectiveness. You were very motivational and more diligent about pushing me to my limits, exactly what a personal trainer should do! Your exercise routines were original and I always had a slightly different routine every week, keeping the exercises new and interesting. And when you weren’t there in person, you kept in touch with my workouts and my diet, providing Sandy and I with new workout routines, meal options, and lifestyle suggestions.

Thank you also for the portable training bands and other equipment you bought for me so that I could keep things up during my honeymoon! That was a great personal gesture and a wonderful gift.

I will be in touch to restart the workouts when work settles down after our long wedding and honeymoon vacation. Thanks again for all your help and see you soon!

Thanks for everything,

Steve Pei

I’ve been taking Aubrey’s treadmill burn and full body makeover classes for over a year.  When he said full body he wasn’t kidding! It’s like boot camp without the drill sergeant vibe.  He keeps you motivated with humor and by mixing it up with free weights and calisthenics, while allowing you to go at your own pace.

A year ago it was a struggle to get through class especially treadmill burn because I’m not a runner but the strength and cardio training has helped me increase my endurance.  Now I’ve gained what Aubrey calls “warrior status” and my doctor told me that my resting heart rate is in the athlete range!

Dorothy D.


It is with great pleasure that I recommend Aubrey Brown as a fitness instructor. I trained with Aubrey for three years and had a great experience.

Aubrey always knew how to motivate people to help them achieve their fitness goals. He designed hard, but fun workouts that I looked forward to every week. His enthusiasm, energy and humor made tough workouts enjoyable. He also takes time to get to know each and every one of his clients and connects with us on a personal level. Even after his clients such as myself move away, Aubrey still checks up on us and sends regular workouts. He is a dedicated and hard working individual, and I consider him to be not only my fitness instructor, but also my friend.

Aubrey would be an asset to any organization, and I am happy to give him my wholehearted endorsement.


Celine Nguyen


I am writing on behalf of Aubrey Brown, just about the most fantastic and proficient group exercise instructor and trainer that I have ever had the pleasure of working out with. Aubrey is well versed in the physical as well as physiological aspects of fitness and has led some of the best classes I have ever attended.
Aubrey is beyond reliable, always , always there and ready to motivate a studio full of people…even at 6:15am.
And it has been my absolute pleasure to have spent just about every Monday and Friday morning (and a few days in between) with Aubrey for the past 4+ years…and it was always a bright spot in my day. He was instrumental in encouraging me though a 50 lb weight loss journey. Aubrey is also an excellent spin instructor. His classes were always full, everyone knew you had to sign up early or be wait listed!! Aubrey is a model of physical fitness: his dedication to and passion for his own fitness is evident. He pays close attention to members needs, form, personal level of fitness, is aware of injuries and always suggestive with regard to moderation when necessary. He has an incredible way with people, a way of making people feel like he’s right there with them – because he really is. Aubrey is a hard working, dedicated family man as well as an exceptional trainer, who anybody would be lucky to have as part of their physical fitness; he has so very much to bring to the table. I am amongst his biggest fan; he has many at Oval Fitness, where he will be very sorely missed as the closing of that gym marks the end of an incredible era.

Susan Mcnicholas


I am writing to recommend Aubrey Brown. I have had the pleasure of working closely with him weekly for the last couple of years and his abilities never cease to amaze me.

Aubrey has been able to adapt his regimen to a number of injuries, desired goals and objectives. His uncanny ability to know when and how far to push his clients has allowed for growth and advancement that was never imagined. His flexibility also allows him to quickly switch tactics to always keep things interesting.

With his abilities, adaptability, and dedication, Aubrey will be a terrific addition to any gym or program. I have no doubts you will be exceptionally pleased if you hire him. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the number below.


Angela Giovanniello


Aubrey is an incredible trainer that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an intense yet fun workout. For many years, I bounced around from class to class until I found Aubrey. He was the first fitness regimen that I followed consistently and looked forward to going to! He knows each of his student’s strengths and weaknesses and tailors the workouts accordingly to make each session unlike the last. He is kind and has tremendous dedication to his clients. Aubrey is an inspiration and has made such a difference in how I approached fitness.

Amanda Kennedy


When I started Aubrey’s classes five years ago, I went only because a friend ‘encouraged me’. Rather, he made me !
I had never held a hand weight or used a weight machine in the gym, I had literally never been in a gym in my life.
From the beginning, not once did I feel an outsider in his class, he accommodated not only my, but others in the class in terms of ability.
Over time Aubrey has encouraged and motivated me, taking me from the lowest hand weight of 3lbs to my current hand weight of 8lbs, and I can now do his entire class with them.
His ability to make his class enjoyable, yet still work you is his gift, and before you realize it, you are looking forward to his class every week.
Aubrey has ensured that as my strength and stamina improved, he discretely adjusted the challenge for me. When injured a few years ago, I told Aubrey that I wanted to be able to do 20mins on the bike. Because at the time I could not last 5mins.
He encouraged me, suggested ways to improve my stamina and was creative such that before long, 20mins was a warm up !
His ‘can do’ approach is contagious, after mastering stamina on the bike, I expressed to him a desire to be able to endure just 5mins on the elliptical, which I had previously attempted and failed.
Together that became our mission, and with Aubrey, it really is a team effort, he invests in you and shares the victories with you along the way. I literally started my elliptical attempt with a high five from Aubrey after managing a whole 5mins, and I was exhausted.
Interrupted by three knee injuries along the way, I credit Aubrey with the fact that my knees have any strength, he constantly modified as my knees improved, focusing on maintaining enough muscle mass to support weight bearing when bending.
His plan included small tweaks such as going backwards for one minute, and slowly but surely I tracked towards more strength and stamina, then we talked about increasing resistance once I could last 20mins on the lowest resistance level.
This year I have increased resistance three fold, something I am very proud of, and I regularly now spend 45mins on the elliptical.
Aubrey’s classes are never the same, never boring, and you never know what challenge he will give you that day, I still look forward to his classes, knowing I will be worked, easing my ability towards the next goal.
I have experienced first hand how much Aubrey will go that extra bit to help you achieve goals, and make it enjoyable, and I have seen him do that with many people over time, that’s just the way he is, genuine.
When you share a goal with Aubrey, be ready to achieve it !
Lisa Ironside


Working with Aubrey is the first time that I have used a personal trainer and the experience has been positive from the get-go.

Aubrey listens to individual needs and goals, provides his own input and advice and tailors the work-outs accordingly. He is disciplined and encourages me to aim higher every time, but does so in a respectful way and in a way that pushes, but doesn’t break.

He takes a very holistic and balanced approach to working out the whole body and to making sure there is plenty of variety.

Beyond his excellent technical training skills, working with Aubrey is always a pleasure as he is friendly, informative and punctual.
Thanks to Aubrey I am in better shape than I’ve ever been and I now find exercising enjoyable and am motivated to work out on my own in between our lessons, using the tips and programs he provides.
Highly recommended.

Martin Pickles

I’ve been taking Aubrey’s Turbo class for seven years.  The experience is a dynamic combination of aerobics and strength training that keeps us moving. Aubrey takes care to prevent injury by modifying the workout to compensate for a participant’s injury. It’s a fun way to get into shape and maintain tone.

 Ed Taylor

“Aubrey is an AMAZING trainer and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for someone that can coach them back to being their most fit self.    I started working out with Aubrey about 6 months ago as part of my “wedding prep.”   I was taking his Cardio Kickboxing class and found myself looking forward to the Wednesday calorie burn sessions so much that I booked additional PT sessions with Aubrey.   Each workout is completely different!  He is always pushing your body to try something new and push beyond the limits you thought you had for it.  And unlike any other trainer Aubrey really cares about what you do in the gym without him — he is constantly helping me determine the best workouts when I’m traveling for work or on days that I don’t have PT sessions with him.   6 months later I feel stronger than I have in years and can’t wait to keep working with him to get even stronger!”
R.  Iannucci